Runner's High XC Event Registration

The Runner's High provides timing services (ChampionChip Timing in most cases) for many regional cross country meets, invitationals, and championships.

If you have a registered team from last year's XC season, then you are already in the system. We have deleted your seniors and moved all of your underclassmen up one year. You need to update your roster by deleting those who are not part of the team this year and adding any new ones.

If your school is not in the database, you will initially need to add your school to the master database of schools. You will need to set a password (your e-mail address will be your user ID) and you can change the password to whatever you like).

The name of your school must be shortened to a maximum of 21 letters and spaces. Do not use the words "boys", "girls", "varsity", "high school", "middle school", etc. Keep it short. ie Slippery Rock, Mt Lebanon, etc. Also, don't use the apostophe " '" or the " & " sign in the team name,

You will then add your roster to this database. Please include the names of all runners who may potentially run ANY or ALL of the events on the schedule of UPCOMING EVENTS. Include your varsity, JV, and middle school rosters all to the same roster. If you have an excessively large roster (ie 70 runners or more), then you can enter two rosters (ie Varsity / JV and Jr Hi / Elem in two separate rosters)

Once you have entered your roster, you won't have to enter the names again for other events as in the past. This is a real "plus" especially for large schools. You can make changes to your master roster at any time(add, delete, or edit).

After your roster is entered into the database, you can register your school for any of the events listed in the menu. Initially, your entire roster will appear as participating in that event. You can then go through and deselect those who may not be participating. Some meet directors will be charging you by the number of runners registered, so you don't want to include too many that may not be running.

At any time, you can view an event and see which schools and which runners have registered. This is a "plus" for the coaches and the meet director.

As in the past, some meets may manage their own databases before sending the rosters to us. (PIAA State Championships, OH State Championships, etc) These events will not be listed in the "events list". For these events, you will need to follow the instructions of the meet director.

We continue to strive for excellence and state of the art technology. This is a service that can easily expand to anyone hosting a XC meet, invitational, or championship, even if Runner's High is NOT providing the timing services for the event. Feel free to mention the service to any of your upcoming meet directors who still use the old paper format. The feedback has been very positive thus far, and we hope you find the new format useful.

S. Mark Courtney

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