Files from the races were created in two searchable formats. The first format includes the actual time and place for each event. You can customize the searchable feature to your liking. For instance, you can type in your name and list every Mercer County race under your belt. If you just type in your last name, you will get everyone on record with your last name (Try typing in Christiansen). To specify your particular results, enter your first name in the apppropriate box.

You can change the year and limit the list to any particular year. You can change the distance to 5K, and only your 5K results will be listed. You can pull down the event list to a particular race and just list all of your performances for that race. It's a very powerful feature. Don't be afraid to experiment to get the results you want.



Explanation of Age Grading

The files have also been formatted for age grading. All 5K, 5M, 10K, 10M and HM results are included in this sort. You can now search through the county records to see when and where your best performances were. You can sort by WAVA % or sort by the age graded time.


If you don't enter your name, and just pull down an event, you can get the entire results for that race for the year that you select. If you click on Age Group Results, you will get the top 5 overall finishers and the top masters finisher. This is followed by a five year age group breakdown which includes the overall winners and masters winners.


If you want the results from a particular race, you can go to the EVENTS box and pull down the race you want, then go to the year and select the year.
Another way to do it is to click on the "List all Events".
At the top of the list, click on #"1 click her for printer friendly pages by event."
Races will be listed in alphabetical order. The number in parenthesis is our event ID code.
Click on the event ID code and the full order of finish results will pop up with a heading.


We have records showing over 450 events (including fun runs, kid's races, etc) Of these, we have results over 375 of them. We are still searching for results from some of the races, like the Transfer 8.1 miler from the early 1970's. We have several more dozen that just need retyped. If you click on an event code to see a set of results, and no results show up, either we don't have the results for that year, or we just haven't retyped them.

Over 65,000 performances are listed here. When we finish the two year's of unlisted QUAD events and a few otheres, we will be over 70,000. This project has been a long one. Although I wanted to be all inclusive, there came a point where I just wanted to get something posted.
Once I update the files with the 30 or so races that are currently being retyped, I will list all the races with no results with hopes of someone coming forward with an old copy of them.


If your specific sort yields a list which takes 2 or more pages, the specific sorts may only encompass the specific page you are looking at. To sort all the pages at once (by time, by date, by distance, etc), go down to the box that says "per page" Change this number to a number higher than the files found in the sort. Then, when you go to sort by time, distance, or whatever, the entire list will be sorted. Plus, when you go to print, the entire list will print and not just the specific page that you are looking at.

Age sorts can be customized by any age group. If you want all your 5K's listed when you were in your 30's, go to age and type in "30-39"

If you want all of your times for a particular event listed together (ie UCH 5K), go to event and pull down "United Community Hospital." If you want all of your 5K's in a specific year, go to year and select the specific year you want.

The menu at the top allows you to browse in the Mercer County Results or the Regional Race Results.

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