It's been a long time in the making, but HERE IT IS.

Over 70,000 performances have been logged in Mercer County Races since the mid-1970's. The printouts from these 400+ events produced a stack of paper almost 2 feet high. Thanks to the internet, we are bringing this stack of paper to you for your browsing pleasure.


I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the assistance of many people throughout the years who have had major hands in the history of Mercer County road racing. This is a partial list of those who should feel proud to have been a part of this project.

Adaline Fitzgerald (Mark's Mom) who almost single handedly typed every one of these names and times into the preliminary files. (All races prior to 1990 had to be retyped from scratch due to computer file incompatabilities.

Kim Kline, who was instrumental in starting the racing boom in Mercer County in 1980 with the Lions Club Run for Sight and the Lake Latonka Turkey Chase and it's infamous post-race pancake feast.

Jeff Luther, who managed the finish line at almost every race so I could run in the race.

Dot Hillman, who started the Fredonia 5K in 1983 as one of the very first 5K's in Western PA. The 5K is now the most popular distance everywhere.

Darlene Waldorf, Donna Laver, Debbie Courtney, Pat & Merle Yerty, who always have come through with late registration, packet distribution, and overall organization.

Pat Longly, Joe Bayer, Bill Tobin and the Shenango Valley Roadrunner's, who maintained a high standard of race quality in the Shenango Valley events.

S. Mark Courtney
Runner's High

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