You direct a cross country meet!!

You don't hire a timing service!!

Your teams enter by mail or by fax!!

You do all your own database managment!!

You'd like to automate, save some time and not spend a lot of money!!

Read On!!

This service is available for any cross country meet. It does not have to be timed by Runner's High. It does not even have to be a regional event in Western PA. Theoretically, any event in the country can use this service.

In the promotional infomation that you send to your prospective teams, just tell them to go to the website to register for the event. All the instructions are on the site, and it's very self-explanatory. Over 10,000 names were entered into the system in our inaugural 2005 season.

Once your event is added to the LIST OF UPCOMING EVENTS, your teams can register. There will be a place for you to enter basic info, fee schedules, starting times, etc. We won't handle the fee collections, etc. You'll set that up in your promotional info.

Then, all you have to do is sit back and watch the names come in. At any time you can view the rosters and the list of schools. The coaches can view the rosters, see what ever teams are registered, and they can adjust their rosters anytime until the deadline (set by you). The teams are sorted in alphabetical order and the runners are separated by sex and sorted by year in school.

When the deadline arrives, you can do one of several things.:
**Download the data into an excel spreadsheet where you can print labels, make printouts, etc.
**We can download the file and print the labels and mail them to you for the numbers.
**We can download the file, and print the labels and attach them to numbers and separate by school.


$0.15 per name Base service where you download the file
$0.25 per name Base service, plus labels.
$0.50 per name Base service, plus labels and numbers.